False Alarm
January 30, 2006

Bring on the Braxton-Hicks! Not really. They have started though, and although I know it’s perfectly normal, it’s still a little scary when it happens at first. With my last pregnancy they didn’t kick in until after 30 weeks and this time I’m a good month ahead of that. It’s weird, I’ve also been having major cramps too but I’ve just chalked that up to stretching ligaments, etc. Overall I can’t complain because those are the only discomforts I’ve noticed and I am grateful it’s nothing major. I’ve also been a little less stressed about the weight gain issue. I think I just popped out during those few weeks and had to get used to the sudden big belly.:) With Grant the same thing happened but then I was pretty much in a holding pattern for a few months so, that’s what I’m guessing will happen this time too. Aside from that we are getting ready from Grant’s birthday in 2 weeks and a visit from Grammy in Florida! She’ll be flying in for a week and I can’t wait to see her and watch her interact with the boys again. It’s hard to believe it’s been almost a year since we saw her last! When kids are little that can seem like such a long time so I hope we can somehow see each other more now that we are settled. It still amazes me how much easier it is to FINALLY live by family. My mom and dad are always dropping by and it’s the best gift I could’ve imagined. Not to mention the load off my shoulders knowing my kids are in good hands when my mom babysits. I hope we never move again, and I hope I never forget what a blessing it is to have healthy parents nearby!

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  • gina says:

    Hey Brooke,

    I really like looken at your sight and reading about the stuff you do and about your faimly..so i thought i would leave you a comment to tell you that I like your blog..:). I’m sure you hear that a lot though. Well have a good day and night. Keep updating..You should put more pictures in..i love to look at pic.


  • Gina says:

    Hey again,

    Sorry I keep commenting you..i hope you dont mind. I have a question for you. Do you ever go to the people’s sights if they have one when they leave you comments?..well if you do that’s so cool of you. Well have a great day!


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