Ash Wednesday Lent Liturgical Year
Preparing for Lent Pt. 2
March 4, 2014

Gus is still sleeping and it appears I have a little window of time for a quick blog follow-up. Two blogs on two consecutive days…this is rare and highly exciting in my life! Ha ha. :) First off, I have to say that no matter how busy, unorganized and overwhelmed I am, I always try to make a point every year to at least post something about Lent. Then I usually second guess myself  on Ash Wednesday during the Lectionary reading that says: “And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by others.” -Matthew 6:5.
I hope if I share something that has worked for our family that it doesn’t come across that way! I hope if anything I share makes even one person’s life easier with planning or offers an idea, that’s a blessing and makes it worthwhile. 

So, to to continue where we left of yesterday, I’ve made a little more progress in getting the house ready to go. Organza cloth from the wedding section at Flower Factory makes for a good table runner (and for less than $4), it’ll work!:)

The crucifix is from Haiti and the candles are homemade Stations of the Cross luminaries we made few years back.
The basket will be presented tonight (on the Eve of Ash Wednesday) to each family member (with the exception of the babies).
Inside are the “Little Lent Bags” I mentioned yesterday:

 Jim scored major SuperDadHubby points by laminating the prayers inside. They include the Pater Noster, Hail Mary in Latin, the Ten Commandments and a special scripture verse. With boys, the more things you can make stain-resistant and rip-proof the better! Okay let’s face it, for mom too. :)

I also have a miraculous medal inside of significance for each boy, as well as a 10-decade rosary for when they are on the bus or whenever they want to pray for a moment.

In our prayer corner, we have the same setup as last year, including the “Writing on the Rock.”

We still have to finish the prayer chain and remove the last hidden stashes of chocolate (my precious!) but I think at this point we are ready. And I hear the bus, here come the kiddos! Thanks for reading, have a very special and blessed Lent. +

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  • Brooke, thank you so much for your two Ash Wednesday posts–filled with inspiration to kick off Lent–I am grateful to you. Your fan and fellow Sister-in-Christ, Katherine Szerdy

  • Judy Nagella says:

    Hi Brooke, I have to tell you that my kids are also doing the “Writing On The Rock”. Thanks for the great idea!

  • I love your beautiful and simple prayer corner, so inspiring and thoughtful. The lenten prayer pouches are such a great idea too, just lovely! Have a very blessed Lenten journey.

  • Andrea says:

    I love your Lent bags, what a neat idea! I will have to file that away for next year. :)

  • My son is only eleven months, but I’m looking forward to celebrating Lent with him in meaningful ways. Your family’s traditions look great! Also, thanks for the tip on laminating. :)

  • Adam Morin says:

    You and my wife would get along great. You are both very creative. God bless.

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